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How do people get cancer?

Some people never smoked in their entire life and drank occasionally with friends and ****. They maintained a healthy diet and they exercised regularly. None of their grandparents died of cancer or got cancer. How do people still get cancer even though they are doing everything right? I always wanted to know. Some of my family friends were perfectly fine a year ago, and now they are suffering from cancer and ****. How does cancer develop in your body?? Thanks!

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  • lala
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    3 years ago
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    its a question that I can answer

    NOTE My son who was 39 had a violent cancer call ;; Accute Myliniod Leukemia

    My son had NEVER ;;smoke ;;drink or do drugs

    He was eating healthy and exercising 4 times a week

    He ask his oncologist why do I have cancer and here the answer of the oncologist ?

    WE do NOT KNOW

    In short even if you have a perfect life style ;; yes you can have cancer and any kind of cancer

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    It pretty much just happens. A healthy lifestyle can certainly help prevent pretty much any illness or disease but with cancer their is nothing that can prevent it for sure. That’s the thing with cancer, anyone can become a victim of it. There never will be a cure. The elite will never allow a cure to be released to the public. It’s simply not profitable. There’s more money to be made from treating something then curing it permanently or preventing it in the first place.

  • Otto
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    3 years ago

    Since Adam sined, we get sick and die.

    Source(s): Bible
  • LAN
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    3 years ago

    Smoking isn't the only cause of cancer. Go to a reputable site if you want honest answers about cancer

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  • Andy C
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    3 years ago

    Cancer is evolution.

    I challenge you to find a truly educational person to prove me wrong.

    So, we're all here bc of cancers. Some work; the VAST majority don't.

    What works, survives.

    What doesn't is innocuous or kills.

    So, we're ALL cancers, over a very long period of time (billions of years).

  • mokrie
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    3 years ago

    Every single human on earth is born with cancer cells in their body. If your lucky those cells remain dormant. If your not lucky, a shock, stress or unhealthy lifestyle MAY cause cancer cells to wake up and activate. It's just bad luck. I knew smokers that smoked for 80 years and died of old age without ever getting cancer. St. Jude hospital treats small children that have cancer. Again just bad luck.

  • k w
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    3 years ago

    poor food choices.......

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    the environment is very toxic nowadays. u don't need to smoke, u just walk along the road for a few minutes a day and it equals a pack of cigarettes. also there re lots of cancerogenous substances in our food. all these taste and colour enhancers. maybe if u live on some remote island with no traffic and grow your own crops and raise your own cattle and make all your food from your own source u may be spared of cancer. in that case u still have the risk of sun rays altering your cells. either way - there is nothing u can do

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    There are tons of factors..not everyone with cancer had smoked.. there are many hazardous occupations which expose people to carcinogens (toxic fumes) are a few as examples; coal miners, firefighters, people exposed to asbestos, people who have worked in chemical manufacturing, chimney sweeps, construction workers (exposure to dust and paint fumes), textile workers, welders, smelters, etc.

    no one was really aware of these dangers until about the 90's when older workers in these industries started getting sick and dying from long term exposures. O.S.H.A. now has strict regulations on employers to notify their employees of the risks exposures can cause, and they must provide their employees with protective equipment to use on the job to reduce exposure

    Also some people are genetically predisposed to get it

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