White leather bag stain remover?

Stained my bag from the black dress I newly bought, idk what was exactly on that dress but for some reason it just stains everything. too cut the long story short I threw the dress.

Any recommendations on how to remove the stain?

Ps: i've used everything e.g magic eraser, nail polish remover, soap etc. (nothing worked)

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  • 3 years ago
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    I see it. Damn. It is covering a lot of the surface of the backside where you held it close to your warm points. (Underarms, side). That is a lot of tinting to remove. This happens a lot and that is why it is recommended that new clothing be washed of it's preservatives, fabric starches and excess dye that will fade before wearing them. Not everything we buy is color-fast. Jeans are the worst and are often times spray painted Indigo on the front, not dyed throughout the whole fabric and will bleed onto skin and tops and furniture. I can suggest one other method. A friend of mine had a quite noticeable ink stain from a Sharpie pen on her new leather couch. She tried the leather cleaner, some toothpaste, the sponge, Oxyclean, whatever and it spread out a bit. I went and bought a "regular" blue can of Aqua Net. Magic stuff it is and many will agree. It took the ink stain off pretty good with a gentle bit of patient work. If this is not a deep stain, it may lift the fabric dye from the leather purse as well. It has to be Aqua net Tho. Most other sprays won't work. Just do not rub it hard but gently dab it, and clean it off in sections. Wipe off with a soft slightly damp cloth. Hit or miss, just a suggestion. I hope it will work like it does for ink. You may also have to re-condition your bag to bring back the luster after all the stuff done to it. If that does not work, take it to a leather cleaner. Sorry about the bag.

  • Elaine
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    3 years ago

    Try banana or orange oil

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