Can’t stop crying. I feel like an idiot. Why me? I thought he liked me!?

Ok so this guy who I used to buy coffee from at who I thought liked me because he would always strike up conversation with me and ask me personal questions about my life completely DISSED ME. One Friday night he asked me if I had plans that night and whether I drinked. It was caught off guard by the question. I said I had nothing too exciting planned and that I’d have a glass of wine but wasn’t really into getting drunk. He then laughed and said ‘curl up with a glass of wine.’ After that he got a really serious look on his face, looked at me intensely, and me being the socially awkward IDIOT that I am, smiled at him. Guess what? He had a gf! Kill me.

We ran into each other again after that boy did he have a point to make. He was sitting with his friend and they were both laughing. I looked at him thinking he would say hi to me and he just sat there laughing like ‘b$&$& I don’t give a eff if u don’t get drunk I ain’t into you.’’

According to social media he had a gf the entire time. Why would he ask me these questions? I’m usually by myself so he probably thought I was a loser. I’m really heartbroken cuz I liked him.

This is really bothering me and I feel stupid. I tried coming out of my shell and look what happens to me. I need advice because this whole situation is affecting my wellbeing.

2 Answers

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Hey hun don't stress about this, he's clearly a d*ckhead from what you've told us. Accept it happened and move on, also he doesn't seem very faithful if he was asking other girls to go have drinks with him while he was in a relationship. So don't even worry! You sound like you dodged a bullet, you can find someone much nicer than him!

  • 2 years ago

    You misread him being friendly as something more

    Baristas are friendly, they rely on tips

    he probably didnt even recognise you outwith his work environment

    you are overreacting in a huge way

    about everything

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