My confidence is shattered. He made me look stupid. Help?

Ok so this guy who I used to buy coffee from at who I thought liked me because he would always strike up conversation with me and ask me personal questions about my life completely DISSED ME. One Friday night he asked me if I had plans that night and whether I drinked. It was caught off guard by the question. I said I had nothing too exciting planned and that I’d have a glass of wine but wasn’t really into getting drunk. He then laughed and said ‘curl up with a glass of wine.’ After that he got a really serious look on his face, looked at me intensely, and me being the socially awkward IDIOT that I am, smiled at him. Guess what? He had a gf! Kill me.

We ran into each other again after that boy did he have a point to make. He was sitting with his friend and they were both laughing. I looked at him thinking he would say hi to me and he just sat there laughing like ‘b$&$& I don’t give a eff if u don’t get drunk I ain’t into you.’’

According to social media he had a gf the entire time. Why would he ask me these questions? I’m usually by myself so he probably thought I was a loser. I’m really heartbroken cuz I liked him.

This is really bothering me and I feel stupid. I tried coming out of my shell and look what happens to me. I need advice because this whole situation is affecting my wellbeing.

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  • k w
    Lv 7
    2 years ago

    bruised your ego, he did ?......move on....the world is full of ego manics who love to tease, just move on, eventually you'll forget all about it.......

  • 2 years ago

    You do need help , it is not good to be letting a total loser like that get to you ...SNAP OUT OF IT YOUR BETTER THAN THAT ...if you really feel that way get some help.

  • 2 years ago

    You just need more practice coming out of your shell. Baristas, bartenders, Food service personnel... ALL see a LOT of people everyday, talk to a LOT of people every day, are friendly with a LOT of people everyday and many (maybe most) of them flirt a little bit with a lot of people every day. They make more money that way, they have more fun, and they get more returning customers with a higher register ring and a pleased boss. That is how it's done. So.. a guy you usually got coffee from who was friendly, who got to know you a little better over time because you were a customer.. was Doing His Job. Not playing you or making you look stupid or leading you on or treating you badly when in his real life he didn't flirt with you... he was doing his job while on the clock. And was friendly! He can honestly like you as a customer without holding lust for you in his heart. He didn't ask you out on a private date. And the fact that you ran into him when he was out with his girlfriend having a good time together .... he wasn't "making a point"!!! He wasn't at work. That's it. Nothing towards or about you at all.

    What all of this means, honey, is that you just need to get out and about more. Smiling at a person is a natural and normal thing to do.. and so is them not noticing! He's not even aware any of this happened. No one was laughing at YOU and you're the only one who thinks any of this happened. I'm sorry. Please don't let your confidence be shattered.... start practicing having some instead! Start HAVING confidence.. not making other people responsible for it.

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Honey, he's a barista. Flirting gets tips and it's also entertaining and ego-stroking.

    He doesn't think you're a loser, and even if he does, screw him.

    Be glad he's someone else's problem. Would you really want that guy for a bf? He's a jerk.

    "this whole situation is affecting my wellbeing" Only because you're letting it. You built this guy up to some fantasy Prince Charming and guess what - he isn't. Let it go.

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