Generally, what is the price for fabric (maybe a range) at Michael's (Canada)?

I need fabric to make a skater dress and a scarf and I tried looking at Michael's online and they don't list prices on there for some reason. Does anyone know?

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  • 2 years ago
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    The Michaels stores in Canada do not sell fabrics. Most larger towns and cities do have a Fabricland which is the equivalent of Joann's. Fabricland's Online store is called Fabricville: I have shopped from there and gotten good service. If you live in southern Ontario then look for a store called Len's Mill Store, there's outlets throughout southern Ontario. Len's is hit and miss, you never know what they will have. If you live near Hamilton then plan a trip to Ottawa Street Fabric Village. There are literally dozens of fabric stores in a six block stretch and they sell everything from European silks to marine vinyls and everything in between. Where you live might also have small independent retailers so check your local business directory through google.

  • Laura
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    2 years ago

    The Michaels near me doesn't sell fabric. Joann's does though. I'm not sure about what canada has for fabric purchases.

    The fabric ranges from clearance pieces at $3, to a specialty fabric for $30 a yard. It really depends on what specific fabric you want, and how much it is.

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