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What s this movie called???

So like a year ago I started watching on YouTube a movie, I didn t finished watching it and I cannot remember the name. So maybe one of you will know it. Thank you in advance...

So the movie is about a married woman going to either her high school or college reunion. Her husband says that he can t go because he has to work, however he is cheating on her. She goes to the reunion and she reconnects with her best friend, I think they made plans to hang out or maybe not, I can t remember, the next thing I remember is that for some reason the friend sees that the married friend is uploading pictures to her social media account and sees that she has travel abroad, however she knows that her friend is not like that I think she s scare of flying, she starts calling her but no answer, she gets more suspicious when she googles the place her friend says shes in and discover that the picture that has been uploaded has just been copied from Google images and she also sees that the social media updates are made from the town where they re in, not from abroad. She decides to go to her friend s house and sees the husband carrying if i remember correctly a bag, the thing is that he looks suspicious.

Anyways that s the last thing I remember. Sorry if it sounds confusing but that s all I remember, I hope that one of you knows the movie I really want to watch it.

Thank you. God Bless you

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