Any advice on how to give a relationship it’s ‘spark’ back?

My girlfriend is saying that the relationship doesn’t feel the same as when we first started dating. Is there any advice on how to give the relationship it’s ‘spark’ back?

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  • 2 years ago

    Lol women are complex... but by the end of the day the man leads the relationship.. Don't forget this... When your girlfriend says this it means lately she feels bored.. and tired of leading it.. step up like you did before but not right away or she ll be mad that she had to tell you . For future reference, if she says this just be flirty and funny about it.. "Spark? I got a plug for your spark baby, I ll see you Tuesday at so so at this time"...ya know, just be funny about it..

    So just chill your foot hang out with your bros, friends, work, school, watev and surprise her by leading the relationship.. how?

    Start planning dates with her, call her up or the next time she calls u up, "hey sweet lips, meet me here at time this and so and so.. wear this and this.." if she ask where you are going, just tell her "a kiss and ill tell when we get there ;), see you then" Yah know, be fun and flirty about it...that's how you lead it..

    date examples bowling, iceskating, traveling, concerts, hiking, picnics...

    Look at my yahoo question, it will help

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