How to define Being?

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  • 2 years ago

    Able to think.

    "I think, therefore I am" ...being.

  • Kevin7
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    2 years ago

    It is existence

  • 2 years ago

    By describing it subjects and their properties. Everything that exists is but a number of properties forming a whole/object. T=nP thing equals its properties. Being itself is the whole of all existent things and their properties and lastly their functions. Being is property, structure, function.

    "Is" always suggests "equal to". So wB = nT + nP + aF/T You can find out more about my definitions of being in my book "On Being and Consciousness."

  • Janet
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    2 years ago


    If there is no awareness, there is no being.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    To "define" is to "establish authoritatively" (from Old French "defenir," "to finish, to conclude").

    ("Define" has the same root meaning as "finish": Latin "de," "complete," and "finis," "boundary, end.")

    "Be" continues to import the same Old English "beon" and "bion" understanding/meaning, derived from their Proto-Germanic root "biju-", "I am, I will be" (cf "I Am Who I Am" of Moses' teaching). The notion or import of "being" as "continuity" continues back to the Proto-IndoEuropean root "bheue-", "to grow, to be growing."

    Therefore, as innumerable ontologists have dis-covered, to "put God in a box" or the "I Am" of Being in a "concluded, boundaried" definition is literally a contradiction of terms. The most a godless existentialist may achieve vis a vis defining "existing" is the experience of meaningless or relatively meaningless Kantian 5-sense data flow, a "blooming confusion" as William James described our wonderful natural world.

    The point of an individual's "defining" of the infinite is her acceptance, assimilation, re-cognition of, that which is Being: Life, Truth, Love, Mind, Spirit, Soul. Inasmuch as the soul puts on her new self of Being in Being, she is becoming a permanent individualized Atom of the Being which is God--infinite Life, Love, Truth, Energy. Such knowing is soul-realization, rather than simply an accounting of atomic energy processes: the soul "looks along with the Light," rather than simply "at the light," as C. S. Lewis so clearly explained in his two-page essay "Meditation in a Tool Shed"

    Semi-related: "Nihilism: The Root of the Revolutionof the Modern Age" by Eugene Rose (brief, ~ 100 pages).

  • A being is something that exists. Then you have the problem of defining "exist".

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