I have been breaking my head on this question, can someone please help. Even small ideas and hints can help. Thank you in advance.?

Based on this description of the setting, what conclusions might you draw about O'Brien's personality?

The following introduction is from Mr. Bell's short story, "The Image Maker" which was published in the high school textbook, Breaking Free. Here, the main character, O'Brien, a back-room political consultant to the Prime Minister, looks out the window of his hotel room and compares Edmonton to his hometown of Toronto.

The excerpt:

"Obie, the P.M. was just asking about you."

O'Brien stands at the hotel window, in dressing gown and slippers, pretending not to hear. He takes a sip from his glass of scotch and stares glumly at the Edmonton sunset. From his room on the twenty-fourth floor, the view is striking--precise, fiery layers of red, orange, and amber play out endlessly on the horizon. He had forgotten about the sunsets, the sharp light that defines the West, that makes each shape stand out from its surroundings. In Toronto, the winters are sunless, each day a separate journey from partly cloudy to overcast to widely-scattered drizzle. Haze melts into fog; shapes dissolve into shifting blurs. O'Brien loves Toronto; revels in its diffuse, murky light; in his office, the blinds are always shut... He dislikes his trips West; dreads the vast oppressive prairie sky, the Arctic cold, the gray, direct landscape, the stars like a thousand knife points. No nuances, no evasions--he feels exposed.

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    He is a loner, he is an introvert, he prefers dark closed spaces, he doesn't like to leave his hometown, he doesn't like to be exposed, he doesn't talk much and thinks things through

    He prefers quiet and he is a gloomy fella

    He is not very happy

    He is smart and wise

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  • 1 year ago

    He drinks scotch from a glass like a wimp.

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    1 year ago

    He's a ****.

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