Is he interested in me or just being nice?

I met this guy (along with his other guy/ girl friends) at university a few days ago. He is very polite and chivalrous. He:

-He holds every single door open for me,

-Lets me go first (even when he should have gone first)

-Swipes his card so I didn't have to at every door

-Texts me a lot (always joking and says haha a lot, etc.)

-Walks with me to classes we have together.

BUT... he doesn't talk much. :/

He jokes, laughs, asks me some questions when I ask him things but he is a little quiet (not that that's bad, just a bit hard to read). I have only been around him two days now but I want to know where I stand with him. He's cute and I think I might like him but not sure if he's intreated or just being nice. None of the other friends did these things to me when I joined the group. He also only did those things for me, not the other girls in the group. Is it because I'm new? Should I take it that he's interested?

Thanks! :)

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    He is probably into you. If he does all of that for you than that might be a sign, and if he doesn’t talk much that’s probably because he is nervous. He probably doesn’t have much experience with women, mainly because he seems to have nice guy syndrome

  • Laurie
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    2 years ago

    ASK HIM. "Would you be interested in (seeing a movie/going to the game together/having dinner/going hiking) this weekend?"

    Note: If he says yes, YOU pay... because you issued the invitation.

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