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How can I get a grip on uni? I’m taking anthropology 1100 and English 1100 and i keep thinking I’m going to fail?

I graduated 2017

And I’m just now headed back to school

After battling h.pylori for a whole fricken year wasted to thag

I’m now healthy ish enough to return back to school

But I feel as though I lost all my skills and I’m stupid

Like I can’t think for ****

And I never used to start off sentences with like

Now I do

What’s wrong with me

I’m scared of failing

I don’t have the time for that

I already wasted a whole year

I look at my old person and they’re all a year ahead

And I’m just starting now like a little baby

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    When I was a student, we called courses that are just a matter of memorizing lecture and reading notes "cake courses." You probably have to write essay answers, but there's a trick to doing that. I'm willing to bet that Anthro is the key to getting your confidence back. All you need are basic study skills.

    You're doing what you did in high school English - just more reading.

    Let's say you have to memorize course content in great detail for the Anthro. No big deal. Memorizing can be time-consuming but it's easy.

    I've spent a lot of time reviewing books on study. One of the best is Helping Your Teenage Student by reading expert Marvin Cohn. One reason why I recommend this book is that it has good advice for reading - important because you have lots and lots of reading at uni. Another thing is what Cohn says about memory - organized material is much easier to remember than a random collection of facts.

    I learned this as a student - organizing lecture notes and reading notes into outlines is very helpful for remembering. You want to keep lecture and reading notes separate, but before a test you might want to organize them by putting them together in one outline.

    The flash card is very useful in a lot of ways. For one thing, having a set of cards with you at all times lets you use all those little bits of time between classes. You can study at a bus stop or anywhere.

    You can add a few mnemonic devices to a set of cards. Example - a word or drawing that reminds you of something. The sillier something is, the easier it is to remember.

    Suppose you have a test that calls for really, really detailed memory of the material. You can even make your outline into a set of cards and memorize it.

    Overlearning - more practice than is necessary to ace the test. This gives you more security and helps you recall facts after you graduate.

    Hey - you PAID for those facts.

    Always study for an essay test, and when you do, write your own questions and answers. This gives you a repertoire of phrases and sentences you can use during the test, makes writing easier.

    Another great study book, esp. for uni - Complete Idiot's Guide for Study Skills, by two experienced uni instructors.

    Do good work but set aside time for rest and recreation. Find chums who don't have to get drunk.

    Now, if you still have anxiety about this, here's an anxiety answer rated Best, 5 stars.

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      The fact that I entered that class and stayed for a bit😂 or the fact that I emailed my professor believing he would even care, he hasn’t responded to me and now I just feel so stupid.

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