Is it right, you can work anywhere with going to college?

I don't know where this is from but I heard someone say you don't need to college but just know what your doing. doing something serious as game programmer, maybe not right in being a programmer but have a main job in the company so there is something you mainly do but get myself adaptability to come and see how is everyone. how their doing, and what I can do to learn. Is that a USA thing? Does that applies to Canada as well? I am not to far off of the simple stuff, I have 3d modeling software, Blender. I dabble using that a bit until I hit a mistake that I don't know how I made it or avoid it. I don't even need to be a modeler, it would be great. I found a playtester card which and me think about it. I'm 20 I am not in school or have job, I am thinking of possibilities. I don't need and nah say. I just am asking here is do I have to go to college? I am a high school Alumni. will that work for me for being in Canada? Just getting me into a company that would let me learn bit by bit? I am adaptable, I can learn when giving a chance to get in and do and be treated like everyone.

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  • EddieJ
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    2 years ago
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    You should get a job where YOU are in charge of hiring people. If you get a job like that, then YOU get to decide who you will hire. So, if you want to hire people who never went to college, then you can do that.

    Do you see how this works? A human being makes these decisions.

    But the hiring manager at Acme Refrigerator company is NOT the same person at Supreme Sporting Goods.

    Different people have different attitudes about who should be hired.

    But, wait, if it's a big company, then the hiring manager is JUST an employee. The Vice President of Human Resources will tell the hiring manager what the requirements are for working at the company.

    And, of course, every company has a different VP of HR.

    Your question implies that you think there is a universal policy that applies to all companies.

    But, if your uncle owns a company, he can made an exception for you. Or, maybe it's not your uncle, but maybe it's your neighbor's cousin who owns the company.

    In general, the thing you need is the ability to sell yourself. You only have to convince ONE person to hire you and then you've got the job. It no longer matters what any other companies do.

    • Roseya2 years agoReport

      You made me feel good about the rough draft letter I'm going to send them. I definitely feel I sold myself outstanding. Of course, they can say no, but I tried. I sent them an email to who I am addressing to, make it more together as a professional.

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  • Dylan
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    2 years ago

    You don't need to go to uni to get a job however, you seem to not have any serious employable skills.

    Like you could wash some dishes or do some laboring but some simple modeling can't get you a job anywhere.

    I have a mate that had a job at amazon without getting a compsci degree, idk what everyone else is talking about.

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    • Roseya2 years agoReport

      I just wanted to put down my thought into this question, I didn't know how to form it but I got my question out.

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  • 2 years ago

    This used to be true back in the mid and late 1990s when the internet was exploding. Back then, if you had some programming experience, you could get a job without a college degree.

    Nowadays it's not quite that simple. Just about all companies - even startups - will only look at your resume if you have a college degree.

    However, a degree by itself is no guarantee you'll find a job. You really need to get as much relevant work experience as possible while you are in college. This will make you far more attractive to employers because you've already got some real-world experience. This can be part time jobs, summer jobs, internships, co-ops, etc.

    For instance when I graduated with my degree in Computer Science I had been working part time for my school's IT department as a sysadmin, and had also done a couple of internships. Even then it was still quite competitive to get a job.

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  • 2 years ago

    You will not get a job at a company as a programmer without at least an undergraduate degree in Computer Science.

    But there are plenty of jobs in the gig economy if you are ok with being freelance. They will need to see examples of your work.

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  • 2 years ago

    You will need to take remedial English to get a good job.

    • Roseya2 years agoReport

      I just wanted to put my thought into down for this question. I didn't know how to form it, but didn't get it out?

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