Accidental touching, walks me to class.... Does this guy like me?

I met this guy (along with his other friends) at university about a week ago. This guy and I are already great friends: we walk to class together, sit next to each other, text, etc. He is very polite and chivalrous with me and it's really cute. For example, he holds every single door open for me and lets me go first, makes good conversation when walking to class, stands extra close to me, and texts me a lot (always joking and says haha a lot, etc.). These are good signs right? Yesterday in class, he started "accidentally" touching me. He had his arm up on the arm rest and our arms were touching. I pulled away a few times and then went back yet he didn't move. What does this mean? Also, there's been a few times that he would show me something on his laptop and whisper so I had to lean in close to him to see it. Are these good signs? Should I take it that this guy likes me?

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    2 years ago
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    Seems as though you are naïve to dating, and as much as these signals are sent, you do need more to decide if this is a good intentioned human beings.

    Never let your guard down, and your heart is a very important thing, so it should take more than what hes doing, to convince anyone he is not being selfish or have an ulterior motive.

    Time is what is going to tell, as for the time being, you need to keep your guard up, and let him prove himself, in the longrun, this is too soon, and to quick to judge.

    Hope you learn to guard your heart against ppl who want to use you.

    Focus first on your work, and take a while to make relationships that are not healthy for your long term lifes goals.

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