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Is $10 too expensive for these games?

I’m thinking about selling my PlayStation 2 games. Is $10 a good price or too expensive for each of these games?

Castlevania Curse of Darkness

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy XII

Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus

Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts (Greatest Hits)

Kingdom Hearts II



Xenosaga: Episode 1

Only asking because I wanted to have a second opinion.

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    i assume you're selling them on eBay, or via Craigslist. either way, you need to do the research your self. look at each individual game for said platform, and if people are buying them. you can search for recently sold items with a free account, see what the starting bid was, the final bid, and if the buyer paid for shipping.

    you can set the bidding price anything you want, but if it's too high, no one may bid on it. if it's too low, you may not get what you want. even if you have the buyer pay for shipping, you still have to pay for the shipping label, the box, package it properly and send it off. ups, fedex, usps, etc. you can use paypal as the payment method, which is common, and also free to set up. as long as you have a checking account to link to your paypal. that way you can transfer funds as needed. there are fees with eBay, i think 10%, but look and make sure. it'll say when you go to list the item.

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