A probe then entered the orbit around the comet at a distance of 30 km. The comet was found to have a mass of 1.0×10^13kg.?


What was the orbital period of the probe around the comet, in earth days?

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    In a circular orbit, at any point the centripetal force is provided by the gravitational attraction between the two objects.

    GMm / r^2 = mv^2 / r

    G = universal gravitational constant

    M = mass of comet

    m = mass of probe

    r = distance of prob from centre of comet

    v = speed of probe

    But v = 2pi * r / T where T is period of orbit

    So rewrite

    GM / r^2 = (2pi * r / T)^2 / r

    Solve for T

    T = 2pi * sqrt(r^3 / (GM))

    Plug in. The raw values provided will yield period in seconds which you can convert to days by dividing with 86,400 s/d.

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    You just made that up. That didn't really happen.

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    How the hell would something orbit a comet? The gravitational field would be minuscule.

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