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Would it work to have a petition to close cps?

I’m thibking of creating a petition as well as informing people about cps.

Child Protection Services takes children (mostly) from innocent parents and place them in foster homes where (often times) they’re treated unfairly, they’re raped, they’re unloved, beaten, abused sometimes even killed. Most foster homes only take in children for money.

We’re you aware that when we pay taxes we’re supporting this? The legal kidnap of children, and promoting child abuse!?

I’ve never once heard any child say “cps saved my life” in most cases the children are placed in a worse situation than they were before and usually there was never any initial abuse.

People call cps as revenge for petty reasons all the time, and they also target the mentally disabled.

How many of you agree that cps needs to be stopped, shut down and that all the torn families deserve compensation?

Children involved in cps often grow up with emotional disabilities due to the stress they’re put through having to deal with social workers, counsellors and being ripped from their loving homes against their will and being placed into an institutionalized foster home where they’re re-homed like puppies

Would you sign a petition to stop this?

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    I agree CPS sucks, I wouldn’t want it completely closed but I definitely want some serious reform and I want their budget minimized. I also would support an independent overseer who is conservative/republican/libertarian, who would make sure they don’t overstep their boundaries and abuse their power

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    So you're claiming that over fifty percent of parents accused of abuse or who are convicted of crimes and have no close relative willing to look after their child are innocent?

    Would you care to prove that assertion, given you've chosen it as the foundation of your claim? After that could you then provide a reputable study which compares the incident of child abuse and/or neglect in foster care homes, as compared to homes of a similar social and economic level? If possible, could this study or data include a wide geographical base, as such solutions vary dramatically by state and municipality?

    I have an open mind on the issue and accept you have a number of anecdotes which may illustrate your opinions, but if you wish to convince me to sign such a petition, you will need to prove to me your claims are facts.

  • Foofa
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    On the flip side, here in California they allow obviously abused children to stay with their mothers and the mother's boyfriends until such time as they're murdered. #GabrielFernandez #AnthonyAvalos

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    1 year ago

    What is your plan to help children who genuinely need it, oh wise one?

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    " in most cases the children are placed in a worse situation than they were before and usually there was never any initial abuse. " - By all means, please cite any kind of research that supports this.

    Until I were to see something that showed me that any of what you say is true on the scale you say it is, no, I would not sign it.

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    When one does court cases with x-rays of kids with broken skulls and with broken arms and legs, with crack babies and fetal alcohol syndrome babies, with kids with burn marks from stovetop electric burners on their little hands and triangular burns on their little arms from clothes irons, with belt buckle-shaped bruises on their butts and legs, with kids who were crawling around with heroin needles on the floor when their parents were busted, and with babies with brain damage from shaken baby syndrome, one's negative view of cps changes a bit. Read foster care appellate cases or do the work yourself.

  • Maxi
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    1 year ago

    A petition? No don't bother these are the least likely to change anything at all

  • Liz
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    1 year ago

    Provide proof that CPS takes children from innocent parents. Otherwise, shut up.

  • 1 year ago

    Ha. No.

    Petitions are almost always completely useless.

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