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I don't know what I did wrong?

We have been seeing each other for a year. In August he moved to the east coast and he will be there until December. He decided long distance would be too hard for him right now, so we decided to be in each other's lives but not have an official relationship right now.

It's been hard for me because I know we are not dating yet we are more serious than ''just friends.'' The past couple of weeks I have noticed a change with him and how he acts. He takes a really long time to reply back to me, he never texts me good morning or good night texts anymore. And he is never flirty or affectionate.

Whenever we Facetime (usually once or twice week) he just doesn't seem that into it. But yet he'll ask questions like how my family is or that he wants to play Fortnite with my brother again. Stuff like that.

Then today he hasn't even messaged me yet. He does have an important football game tonight though. But anyways, he sent me a pic of him on snapchat and I replied saying ''who's that hottie ;p'' I was just trying to be flirty but he opened and said nothing. I feel dumb and silly. Time to move on?


I'm not in high school, I'm 23 and he's there for a football team.

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    Really? You don't have a clue? Please, grow up. He's gone off to college and has left you and high school behind.

    A guy who can't handle 5 months of long-distance is a guy who was looking for an easy out and a guilt-free pass to see other women. He has moved on and is involved with at least one other woman -- this is the cause of the whole change in attitude. He also is WAY more interested in his new friends and activities. He is stringing you along because he may want to hook up again when he returns on break. It is way past time for you to move on.

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    I think he may be struggling with being gone. Relationships over FaceTime and text are a lot harder than seeing each other physically. Maybe step back and don't be to pushy. I am sure when he returns things will get better. Best of luck

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