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Physics Help: What is the approximate spring constant?

The four wheels of a car are connected to the car's body by spring assemblies that let the wheels move up and down over bumps and dips in the road. When a 68 kg (about 150 lb) person sits on the left front fender of a small car, this corner of the car dips by about 1.2 cm (about 1/2 in).

If we treat the spring assembly as a single spring, what is the approximate spring constant?

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  • Ash
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    k = -F/x = -(68 kg x 9.8 m/s²)/(0.012 m) = - 55533 N/m

  • oubaas
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    k = Wf /x = m*g/x = 68*9.806/(1.2*10) = 55.57 kN/m


    150 lb/0.5 in = 300 lb/in

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