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What magnitude force is the piston applying?

The towers holding small wind turbines are often raised and lowered for easy servicing of the turbine. (Figure 1) shows a 1000 kg wind turbine mounted on the end of a 24-m-long, 500 kg tower that connects to a support column at a pivot. A piston connected 3.0 m from the pivot applies the force needed to raise or lower the tower. At the instant shown, the wind turbine is being raised at a very slow, constant speed.

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    i) the tower is at 10º from horizontal, and

    ii) the piston is at 75º from the tower, and

    iii) the ratio of piston-to-pivot/turbine-to-pivot is 3.0/24,

    then for rotational equilibrium ("slow, constant speed"), we need

    ΣM = 0 = F*(3.0/24)*cos10º*sin75º - 1000kg*9.8m/s²*cos10º

    solves to

    F = 81 000 N

    to two significant digits.

    If your distances or angles differ, plugging in your values should work.

    I used the diagram at the link below.

    Hope this helps!

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    ...pulling our legs??

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