Best Metal sideprojects?

These are the best Heavy Metal sideprojects of all time in my opinion. Agree or disagree?

The name of the main band most musicians came from is included between parenthesis:

1 SLASH'S SNAKEPIT (guns N' roses)

2 NAILBOMB (sepultura)

3 MD 45 (megadeth)

4 GEEZER, also known as G/Z/R (black sabbath)

5 SOD (anthrax)


7 LENGSEL (extol)

8 GRIP INC (slayer)

9 SOUL EMBRACED (living sacrifice)

10 BRUCE DICKINSONS solo albums

When I mention MD. 45, i mean that one with LEE VING as singer, not the one with Mustaine's vocals.

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    Wouldn't class Slash's Snakepit & Blackmore's Night as Metal. And G/Z/R would've been better had Burton stuck with em. In fact Geezer should give em a call, since Fear Factory seem to be indefinite hibernation. As for side projects? Not gonna lie, I always found Rock side/solo projects more interesting than Metal ones. Though these are among the few stick out.

    Allen/Lande(Symphony X/Masterplan/Stratovarius)

    Arch / Matheos(Fates Warning)

    Bloodbath(Opeth/Paradise Lost)

    Blotted Science(Watchtower)

    Control Denied(Death)

    Daisuke Ishiwatari & Naoki Hashimoto(Guilty Gear/Outrage)

    Deadsoul Tribe(Psychotic Waltz)


    Jon Oliva's Pain(Savatage)

    Kingdom Of Sorrow(Hatebreed)

    Liquid Tension Experiment(Dream Theater)

    Metal Allegiance(Various)

    OSI(Fates Warning)

    Redemption(Fates Warning)

    Reverend(Metal Church)


    Spylacopa(The Dillinger Escape Plan)

    The Project Hate MCMXCIX(Various)

    Trans-Siberian Orchestra(Vaious)

    Vallenfyre(Paradise Lost)

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    in thrash metal you can add DUBLIN DEATH PATROL (Chuck billy Testament and zetro Souza Exodus) , HATRIOT (steve souza Exodus), THE CURSED (bobby blitz Overkill)

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    2 years ago

    colonel clalypool's bucket of bernie brains (buckethead, claypool and brain mantia..also bernie worell, but he is in no way a metal guy)

    something mike patton, maybe mr bungle or maybe just about anything he did with john zorn, the guy has had a lot of great side projects outside faith no more.

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    Nice list except for Slashs Snakepit. Slash himself has bashed the project. He even refuses to talk about it. Less so now than few years ago. Stormtroopers of Death was a nice idea. But they where about 5 years to early on the project. I have seen all of these side projects live, as well as the main band. Some bands dont need to branch out. Sometimes it can hurt the main band unintentionally. And sometimes the side project has better members than the actual band does.

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    This list is laughably godawful. Slash's Snakepit was just another run-of-the-mill rock band playing generic rock. They were never anything to write home about. Grip Inc. wrote a few decent songs, but again, they were very forgettable. The band Down, also a side-project, released "Nola" the same year Grip Inc.'s debut came out, and Down was the better band by far. And that's coming from a guy who despises Pantera. Geezer's first album with Bell was really good, but I didn't care for the follow-ups. Completely in agreement on SOD - in my opinion they're much better than Anthrax ever was. Whether or not Deep Purple has ever been Metal might come down to a matter of opinion, I wouldn't consider them Metal at all. And MD-45? You must be joking? Complete rubbish. I'll never forget how disappointed I was when I heard that record. What was Mustaine thinking? What about Halford's band Fight? They were excellent. And whether they be supergroups or side-projects, what about A Perfect Circle and Dream Theater?

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    DEATH BREATH (Entombed,Dismember,Grave)

    OLD MANS CHILD (Dimmu Borgir)

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