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Why wasn't I delivered a proper education inner city detroit?

I went to a public school in inner city Detroit.

Because of the teachers unions and government corruption, I received a 3rd world education and can't even read or write.

how can a country which claims to be the most prosperous in the world, deny a proper education to its most vulnerable group.

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    Well, you seem to be reading and writing pretty well. But that aside, it's possible that the educational system there is not up to par because landlords may be cheating on their taxes, leaving the city without enough money from property taxes to provide decent schools. Also, it may be that federal funds are being mismanaged. So yeah, vote and throw the bums out and things may improve.

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    well at school there is a problem as you had difficulty in getting an education

    Now that you are a lot older , what is your excuse for not educating your selft properly

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    It is a result of liberalism and democrat political machine dominating for decades. It is not a coincidence that large major cities tend to liberal and democrat in political policies. That is because large population centers rely on government control and influence to regulate the populace, which is typically the liberal democrat's position on policy. This is how the left's "one size fits all" style of governing tends to be accepted in crowded and overpopulated inner-cities, with the promise of "aid and relief", which doesn't end up really helping anyone.

    When the left's policies fail, the blame is past on conservatives and republicans who have little to no political influence in the liberal democrat strongholds, that only seek to maintain political power. This is why we see a marginal, to no improvement in the areas that most need it. The subject of education is the reason I decided to pay close attention to politics, and why I gave up my support of the liberal democrat political view, in my early 20s.

    Part of my schooling was spent in Kansas City's school district, where school activities and programs where always being cut, year after year. When my family moved to the suburbs, where it is more conservative, there was a stark contrast. I didn't know how to look at it politically then, but I noticed how the people most underserved in my area usually took to and sided with the liberal democrat ideology. It took a serious and deep examination of myself to awake to the innerworkings of the left's point of view.

    Initially, I decided to listen to the right's point of view to use it against them, as a leftist, but when I was made aware of left's impact on inner-city life, specifically in Detroit, which I visited once, in my early teens. The left doesn't seem to have people's best interest at heart, and only believe that it is they who know better and can tell people how they "ought" to live. The left needs people uneducated and uninformed so that they can retain political influence over the most vulnerable people in society, which is why they pretend to care about issues involving minorities.

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    1 year ago

    Apparently you believe that they can teach those who chose not to learn because they believe they are entitled.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    You have a bad attitude and you are rude and disrespectful.

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    You should have gone to a private or a parochial school. You would probably qualify for financial aid so I am not sure why you never looked into it.

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    Detroit is controlled by the Democrats and the Democrat Party Elite doesn't want the peasants to have a decent education. People with an education ask questions like" Hey, what happened to the other $100 Million?" and that type question terrifies the Democrats.

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    that is a direct result of democrat policies

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