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What is her initial moment of inertia?

A diver leaves the platform with her body straight. Her body is in a relatively slow rotation, with an angular speed of 4.0 rad/s. She then tucks into a pike position, with her body essentially folded in half. We can use a simple model to understand what happens next. First, model her 50 kg,1.8 m body as uniform. Next, assume that when she goes into a pike position, shown in (Figure 1), she really does fold her body exactly in half.

Part A: What is her initial moment of inertia?

Part B: What is her moment of inertia in the pike position?

Part C: What is her angular speed in the pike position?

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    Part A = 14 kg.m^2

    Part B = 3.4 kg.m^2

    Part C = 16 rad/s

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