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How fast is the water moving?

Your low-flow showerhead is delivering water at 0.90×10−4m3/s, about 1.5 gallons per minute.

If this is the only water being used in your house, how fast is the water moving through your house's water supply line, which has a diameter of 0.021 m (about 3/4 of an inch)?

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    first I have to figure out what you mean by 0.90×10−4m3/s

    literally, that is 0.9x6 = 5.4m3/s = 3•5.4m/s or 16.2 m/s

    1.5 gal/min = 0.00009464 m³/s, perhaps that is what you mean?

    cross-sectional area of pipe is πr² = 0.0105²π = 0.0003464 m²

    so you have a a flow of 0.00009464 m³/s flowing through an area of 0.0003464 m²

    they divide to 0.00009464 m³/s / 0.0003464 m² = 0.273 m/s

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