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    it isn't meant to sell its a statement Picasso painted Guernica after the Nazis had bombed the city of the same name it is torture a life painting like Scream they are a statement not a money spinner we ignorant make money out of them

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    By nature, Art is designed to connect with people on a deeply-personal level...and as advertisers, religious zealots and political hucksters have known for ages, if you can connect with people on an emotional level, they are more likely to buy whatever you are selling.

    The value of Art is often set on the popular level (rather than the institutional one). Whether it be a "famous" actor, musician, painter or sculptor...chances are we hear about them in the media because they were popular on the 'grass roots' level long before that. Cultural change usually cannot occur without a popular movement behind it.

    For example, take the song "The Hurricane" by Bob Dylan. Dylan was moved by the story of Ruben Carter, a former boxer who was convicted of murder in 1967 based on questionable testimony by two ex-cons who later recanted their statements.

    Dylan's 1975 song railed against injustice, and its popularity was seen as influential in keeping Carter's case alive until he finally earned his release in 1985. It was also the basis of a 1999 movie made about Carter starring Denzel Washington...which brought the attention to a new generation and was used to promote the releases of other men said to be wrongly accused.

  • The idea is that artists are somehow going to influence someone who actually does things in the real world.

    The reality is just some moron with a giant puppet he takes to protest marches.

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