I wana change my position in Soccer?? Suggest anything and I will try it out this coming summer season , (might even keep it to reach pro)?

Am 9th grader and I am a striker (was a striker in 8th grade) but I did totally horrible like DAMN I assisted 8 goals and scored ZERO goals, in 7th grade I played midfield and I scored 3 goals assisted 4 goals (IN TOTAL OF 11 games both year)

But in 9th grade I wana chose a position to do amazing and make varsity next year, so here is my stats I am ver fast(scale to 1/10 I am a 7.5) and shooting is average, I have a good stamina which means I can run up down the field, I always like to assist and score, am a little bit bad at defending but I don’t give up I keep marking my person given in a match, sooooo suggest people lol

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