Hi so i was in a traffic circle when a ladies ran the yield sign and t boned my sister and I.?

The police ruled her as fault. And now i’m not sure what’s going to happen to me and my car... I paid $3300 for it and it has some nice damage The tow truck guy said it will mostly likely be written off.... I was wondering what’s will happen now if I does get written off or if it is fixable.... also i have minimum insurance coverage (TPL) third party liability. since she was at fault I assume she is fully responsible for damages... please help me

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  • 2 years ago
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    1) You must inform your insurance company immediately

    2) As you only have TPL your insurance company will probably leave you to pursue your claim on your own (The other party is at fault your insurance has no liability)

    3) It is now you hope you ticked the legal cover box when you took out your policy. If not you will need to look into hiring a lawyer

    4) If the repairs cost more than $2000, or whatever your car was worth (not what you paid for it), then indeed it is likely to be written off.

    5) The most you can expect to get fo it is its current street value. Which the insurance company will low ball.

  • 2 years ago

    she is fully responsible for all damages

  • 2 years ago

    Have you called your car insurance company yet? They need the police report and the name of the other driver and their insurance company. When you don't carry more then liability some car insurance companies will jag you around because they know your insurance company might not go to bat for you. Time for an attorney if your insurance wont go after them fr payment.

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  • JetDoc
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    2 years ago

    Ask your insurance agent. THAT'S why you pay them!

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  • May
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    2 years ago

    USA answer:

    The police did NOT "rule her at fault".

    **ONLY** the involved insurance companies can determine fault (liability). If the other person is ultimately deemed liable, your car will either be repaired or "totaled". The liable insurance company will determine which one. You have no control over that decision. Get off of Y/A and ask YOUR insurance company to explain how this all works. If they won't help, ask the other insurance company.

    Based on your question(s) here, you need to educate yourself on Automobile insurance. Do so before you find yourself in trouble.

  • 2 years ago

    Hopefully the other insurance company is respectable and pays out. But, this can get tricky if you do not have an insurance company fighting for you. Because some are simply not going to pay you. Read this and then do some research. Do not talk to the other insurance company before you know what you are doing


  • 2 years ago

    If it was her fault she will be liable for the complete repair or replacement cost. If she has insurance her insurance will have to pay, if not you will need a lawyer to help collect anything.

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