In DC Universe lore, who became a super hero first? Batman or Superman?

Chronologically within the fictional series of events, who took on the mantle of being recognized as a super hero by the public?

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    Very few, if any, of the origin stories of either character ever address this issue.

    The general notion is that Superman was either the first superhero, or the first of a new generation, after a time of none, after an earlier time of prior heroes.

    It is possible for Batman to have been doing his kinds of things for a time without his presence as a distinct person in costume being known by the general public. Some early Batman stories, such as Frank Miller's Year One, show Wayne starting his activities without the Batman costume.

    The current DC Cinematic Universe has Batman working as the only costumed hero for close to twenty years before Kent done the Superman costume. One effect of all that no one else time is that the experience of working so alone has hardened Wayne, and that it took the events of BvS, and his perceived failure to see that Superman was a good guy until it was almost too late, that brought Batman out of his funk, and let him view the future with optimism.

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    The current comic timeline establishes that both Batman and Superman went active at around the same time.

    At that time, Superman was wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and a cape, while Batman used a prototype batsuit.

    One could argue that Batman was active first, but was considered by the public to be an urban legend at first.

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