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How to fish die in tap water?

So I changed the water in my little fish tank and I forgot to put the water conditioner stuff in it. I know, I’m horrible. So my 2 little feeder fish died (they were my pets not food for anything else) and I was just wondering if they suffered or how long it takes for tap water to kill them?

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    When you changed the water did you change all of it, taking the fish out, stressing them, exposing them to air, rubbng off slime coating? Cause thats not good!

    Use a gravel vacuum to change 25-40% of the water while sifting through the gravel.

    Common gold fish can also not live in a little tank, they can grow an inch a month, they are some of the largest fish you can get. so they need the largest tank you can get. the tank and filter need to be large so that it can hold a cycle.

    No one can know how a fish registers pain/stress, i would think dieing of shock is better then being eaten by Pirahnas or turttles, or being thrown in the trash by the carnival workers... but please learn from your mistakes.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    To answer that question you'd have to get two more fish, do the same wrong things, and then time how's long it takes.

    The causes of fish death from what you describe, can be temperature shock, suddenly changing water chemistry, as well as chlorine and ammonia poisoning from additives in tap water.

    What's in tap water varies depending on where you live.

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  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    Probably shock from the tempurature change more then anything in the water.

    Unless you have hard water, or there has recently been a leak/break in the line in which case sedimentation might get in (wouldn't cause a huge problem) and the water companies add more chlorine to the water to kill any bacteria that might have gotten into the pipes.

    In future, don't change more than 25% of the water.

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