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Large meal before a workout?

Welp, I hate to say I did it... I ate a whole damn XL pizza about 2 hours ago(Took the whole "cheat day" thing to a whole new level). I have to workout some time in the next 4 hours, is there any way to recover from such a large meal without my workout being an actual hell?

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    Well unless you are in physical discomfort from it you may find that the extra energy gives you a more efficient work out so that's one benefit of it.

    If you are just annoyed with yourself for eating a lot of pizza then the best thing to do is just move on from it, most additional weight will come off naturally because it will be caused by undigested food and water that your body will be retaining from the extra sodium.

    You seriously cannot do that much damage from one XL pizza, trust me I have had the most incredible binges in eating disorder recovery and a week later it's as if it never happened, I know you don't have an eating disorder but I am just giving you an example there and try to make sure you are eating enough on a daily basis, often we think we are but you burn a lot working out, that could be why cheat day got a little out of hand, my husband used to work out, think he was eating plenty and then end up eating a lot on some days too.

    I actually had to work through his meal plan for him and he was routinely eating around 500 calories less than he needed and his protein intake was dreadful, I suppose having a wife with an eating disorder who has worked with dieticians does have some benefits.

    Anyway back to you, drink plenty of water because it will flush the sodium through a little faster and soften up the food in the stomach, pizza can get a bit stuck because as dough dries out in the intestines it can become almost solid and water will soften it and help it to pass through a bit more easily.

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    nah, i prefer after

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  • Nah just drink lots of water and wait to digest it. Then ask yourself why

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