Did you know that those with mental illness account for less than 1 percent of all yearly gun-related homicides in North America?

and people with mental illness account for just 3-5 percent of overall violence in the U.S?


Update: I am mentally ill (Bipolar, Anxiety Disorder). I don't care if people think I'm scary. I don't care if people assume **** about me, or if people think that BBC is full of ****. I believe them. I do not fear myself, nor my mind.
Update 2: Yes. People are undiagnosed due to lack of resources. Many people commit violence, and don't have a mental illness though. Also, I am pretty sure that they do mandatory psych evaluations on murderers.. Unless it's a big cover up, then I don't see how BBC is wrong.
Update 3: Well, maybe the Psych tests aren't mandatory. I shouldn't assume that. I would think that they have some kind of system in place to determine a criminal's mental state though. How else would they get these stats? They just sat around a table, and made all this **** up? What would be the point of that?
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