My parents want me to do engineering because I love and excel in chemistry, physics, mathematics, & biology but I want to do something else?

I have A’s in Chem12, Physics12, Biology12, PreCalculus12 and I absolutely loved it all. My parents say I will then love engineering but I want to do something related to the Earth itself and with amazing life that calls it home. Ecological conservation, biology, meteorology, geology, oceanology, energy sustainability, renewable energy, etc but people have been telling me that there’s no demand in jobs nor decent wages in these fields and I should pursue an engineering degree. I’ve been graduated for a almost a year now and I still can’t make a decision and it’s making me super stressed out.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Environmental engineers are in demand in many areas. That might suit you & answer your parents' concerns. Ditto for specializing in solar engineering, etc. You repeatedly come up with energy concerns, so it seems you simply have not done your homework to find suitable fields related to your passions.

    A friend in environmental engineering has worked her way to a very prestigious & well paid position which has her traveling around the country. And she loves it. Do your homework! Start researching careers related to energy, etc. Then research universities which offer such degree programs to get you into the field you want.

  • Maxi
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    2 years ago

    So you have done nothing in a year, where as you could have been 1 year already into a degree......... nothing stops you getting an engineering degree and going into any of those fields of work

  • Judith
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    2 years ago

    Actually I know several people, my niece's husband is one of them and another niece who is also an engineer, who are engineers and they don't like their jobs one iota. Both will soon be looking for another type of employment. Don't know what type of engineers they are. So do what you wish. I get the impression they are bored.

    I worked for social security for 32 years and my old office now has two employees who were engineers - they hated their jobs (can't say they're happier now but they're still with SS).

  • 2 years ago

    Engineering is, as you may know, a boring thing to do.

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