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How to convince parents to let me have counseling/medication?

ive had severe social anxiety and avpd my whole life which has been worsening each year.ive had took a test at my school for my disorders which my counselor told one of the people working at the school to take and it was positive. I feel like I have fallen into depression and cry everynight. my parents don't believe in disorders and get angry if I tell them my problems [I shake around people] and try to minimize my problems telling me its not that bad. i am 16 and want to get it diagnosed by a doctor and therapy but they say that they do not want my mental problems on my record because it would be hard for me to get jobs. i feel like my life is falling apart what do i do?????

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    Your parents are guilty of medical neglect of a minor.

    Go to the front office of your school. Ask for an appointment to see a school counselor and reveal your problem. Ask to consult with the school nurse and school psychologist who does testing and evaluation. If these three professional people feel that you certainly need medical/psychiatric services, you will get what you need. Believe me.

    Oh, and here is the TRUTH about your medical records.

    Even as a minor child, these records are PROTECTED BY FEDERAL LAW and NO ONE has any access to them WITHOUT YOUR SIGNATURE ON A RELEASE GIVING THEM PERMISSION! That's right....YOUR MEDICAL RECORDS ARE SEALED FOREVER unless you give written permission for someone else to get them.

    Even if you decide to enter the armed services, they do not have access to your medical records.

    Every employer you will ever work for will NEVER KNOW your medical history unless you tell's against the law for them to ask. And so your parents are full of crap and they know it!

    Your parents are guilty of abuse and neglect. See the professionals at your school and tell your parents that the whole situation is out of your hands once the professionals get involved.

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    Loads of anxiety self-help online and it WORKS when we take the time out daily to research and read and find things to do in order to work for change. One day at the time, a little at the time. Put into practice what you learn for a while daily. Self-help is much better than a therapist, who we only see once or twice every two weeks. Self-help is there daily.

    There are also videos on youtube about it, and guided meditations on youtube which you can listen to with your phone. They do help. I like the guided meditations by Jason Stephenson, but there are others.

    Your life isn't falling apart.

    Do you realize what therapy is for? It's for the client to do THE WORK IT TAKES TO RECOVER and to develop some good life coping skills. A therapist is there doing the same things the self-help websites are doing... giving advice and things to work on . Therapists don't have magic wands and they do not make their clients better -- it's up to the client to put forth the effort, do the work, follow the advice they learn to come to some recovery. In both cases, self help vs therapy, it's all the same ball of wax - it works when we WORK it.

    Not sure why people think therapy is a magic cure-all. Because it's not the only way.

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    i would talk to your counselor at school about it and see what she says and tell her about your parents not letting you go for counseling, that nnight be neglect,

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    Go back to the school counselor and ask for help in talking to your parents,

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    just confront them and tell them them that you feel it is essential

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