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Different dog sports?

I have a Collie/German Shepherd that failed in his original purpose.

While he’s just being a pet dog I am trying to find things for him and I to do. I’ve noticed he is a very toy motivated dog and could potentially make a great sports dog.

As soon as the weather is warmer and it stops raining outside, I will begin teaching him frisbee, and building him an agility set out of pvc.

What else should I do?

I also try to use a cat flirt pole with him and my other dog, he’s not too interested but my other dogs is. I’m wondering g if, if I get one meant for dogs, will he likely peak interest?

What else is there to do?

I’m open to suggestions.

We do not have access to sport clubs.


Dog park isnt a sport, and is a place he was attacked.

Swimming a bit isnt a sport, and he hates water. I asked for sports, not to hand out free points.

Update 2:

No, it wont.

Update 3:

Just looking for sports for the backyard. I have no other jobs for him, he was unsuitable for original purpose which I dont wish to disclose. It wont help anything

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    Nose work, tracking, retrieving on land and water, lure coursing, barn hunts, rally classes, ski-joring (if you have snow), dock diving.....lure coursing, weight pulling,

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  • Jojo
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    What was the dogs "original" purpose? And why did he fail?

    Knowing that would help in answering your question.

    Dogs that are toy motivated are are often easy to train, and can excel at lots of things, including Tracking, searching, obedience, working trials and most other dog sports.

    They can make good SAR dogs and sniffer dogs but you do need to find a trainer who can help you discover what your dog is best at doing if you want to go beyond just general fun training that is just for you, and the dogs pleasure.

    Make his "toy" his ultimate reward when training him and keep a "special" favourite toy solely for when you train him and do not allow him to play with it any other time. This will keep him very motivated to want that special toy and he will do his best when you train him, in anticipation of getting the toy as his reward. A suitable ball (on a rope) or rubber ring is the best thing to use as a reward when training.

    Do not use standard tennis balls with larger dogs as they can collapse and be swallowed and block the dogs breathing.

    The mix of breed that you have should in reality make a really good versatile working dog.

    Good Luck.

    Source(s): GSD owner for 56 years.(UK)
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  • 1 year ago

    take him hide and seek with him.....

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  • Pearl
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    1 year ago

    you could take hinn to the doggie park so he can play with other dogs there

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