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How do I deal with my nosey friend without being rude?! please help, thanks!?

I am in a 2nd year Master’s student with hopes to attend a PhD program next Fall. When I was a first year student, I worked with a woman named Maria who completed my Master’s program a few years ago. As we worked together, we became friends, and remain in touch via text despite her being hours away now for a new job. I am applying for my first time this cycle and she is re applying. Maria has always been open about her application rejections, her GRE scores, etc. whereas I’ve never been and it has seemed to cause a rift. For example, she’ll text me with news of her interviews and I’ll congratulate her. However, she ALWAYS follows it with incessant questions asking whether I’ve received interview invites, how many schools I applied to, etc. which bothers me. I’ve told her nicely countless times that I am a private person and do not wish to disclose anything before something solid comes but despite this, she still seems to ask. Maria’s nosiness has gotten so bad that I cringe whenever I get a text from her or completely ignore her texts altogether. I can’t seem to have a normal convo with her without her asking me a million and one questions but I feel like if I don't respond, I'll come off as jealous. in case you’re wondering, I have received interview invites, so it’s not like I’m unhappy bc I’ve been rejected. I just think it's no one's business and I'm naturally a very private person, that's all. How do I effectively deal with this once and for all? Thank you!


to the first person: I have tried so many times already though and it doesn't seem to work....

Update 2:

@Bent: huh? :) I only mentioned it bc u dont know me and plus in case ppl think jealousy is the reason, I wanted to say it's not bc I do have interviews...hope this clears stuff up!

Update 3:

@bent: haha oh okay

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    She’s not respecting you...ignore her.

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    "in case you’re wondering, I have received interview invites,"

    For such a private person, you sure gave up this information easily, and to a bunch of strangers who didn't even ask! I wasn't wondering, she is :P

    Edit: I thought you'd need to respond to my joke. I was just busting your balls dude. Don't take yourself so seriously.

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    You TELL her.

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