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What's the point of changing the tuning of the guitar?

Is it to change the sound of the guitar or making playing easier?

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    There are several good reasons.

    Tuning to an open chord when using a slide means that several notes be played at once, even simple chords.

    Lowering the bottom string to D means that a six string D (or Dm) chord can be played in the nut position and provides a low D bass note - useful when playing in D.

    Some players find that stardard tuning doesn't allow them to play the things they have in their mind - the combinations of notes they want just aren't playable. DADGAD, which I believe was developed by the great Davey Graham (I could be wrong) is a good example which is used by many British "folk" guitarists.

    Martin Carthy seldom plays in standard tuning but has developed his own tunings over the years. His playing involves counter melodies and drones and just couldn't be duplicated with standard tuning.

    Some solo players (especially those who "tap") have their lower strings tuned to much lower pitches so a bass line can be played - check out Preston Reed).

    Some players use heavier strings (which can provide more volume and a better tone) and then tune down a semi-to e so the feel of the guitar stays the same.

    Some bands de-tune by a semi-tone to make it easier for an ageing singer to reach the high notes. The guitarists can play exactly what they've always doen but it comes out lower. I believe Martin Turner's band does this.

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  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    The point is to change the sound of the guitar. From your question I'm guessing you're a beginner. While there's nothing at all wrong with trying alternate tunings I would suggest that for now you stick with standard tuning and return to the topic at a later date when you're more experienced. Good luck!

    Source(s): Playing guitar for 56 years
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  • 1 year ago

    Well, first, never tune above E, concert pitch. Tuning down or alternative tuning obviously changes the sound. Down tuning makes the strings easier to fret, but can cause problems if the action is low and light gauge strings will feel like spaghetti. I use 12's on a Telecaster and tune to E flat, D or drop C depending on what I play.

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