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who is more likely to support israel?

1)is a mentally feeble black woman who is severely physically disabled. she lives with her 6 children in inner city detroit in a one bedroom cockroach infested apartment. all of her kids have autism and she survives through a measly disability pension.

2)Is a rich white anglo-saxon protestant male who is ivy league educated and a former navy seals. he votes republican,is a multi-millionaire is married and has 3 kids. he is also a corporate lawyer and attends church regularly.

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    Since none of the qualities you mention intrinsically lead to supporting a particular geopolitical state (I notice neither of these individuals are Israeli) then this is a simple matter of determining how many independent qualities are mentioned. The person with the fewest number of qualities mentioned is more likely to support Israel (or more likely to do ANYTHING for that matter) by virtue of the number of independent variables.

    Person A:

    1. Mentally feeble

    2. Black

    3. Woman

    4. Severely physically disabled

    5. 6 children

    6. Lives in Detroit

    7. 1 bedroom/cockroach infested apartment (debatable if these are one or two qualities)

    8. All 6 children have autism

    9. Pensioner

    Person B:

    1. Wealthy/multi-millionaire

    2. White

    3. Anglo-Saxon/Protestant (again, debatable if these count as two or one qualities)

    4. Ivy League educated

    5. former Navy SEAL

    6. Republican voting

    7. Married

    8. with 3 children

    9. Corporate attorney

    10. Regular church attendee

    Person A has 9 qualities and person B has 10. It is statistically more likely to stumble upon a person with 9 independent variables and who supports Israel than a person with 10 independent variables and who supports Israel. Therefore it is more probable that Person A (the black woman) would support Israel than Person B (the white man).

  • All people, rich or poor support the Palestinians and feel terrible about the Holocaust of Palestine.

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    None of the above.

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    Harvey Weinsteiner. He's the only "person" supportin isreal, and he jew!

    • Weinsteine, swallow pills for sexual erection. And rapes, color for Israel flagg. Blu!!!

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    It's depends entirely on timing.

    Assuming that poor black woman has little education, if at all, her vote would be based on the popular opinion.

    In 60t's Jews were involved in the civil movement not less than Blacks, (some say more). And the Dr. MLK was well known Zionist.

    So in 60's both poor black woman and rich white man would support Israel.

    Today black leaders forgot Dr, MLK heritage and to raise their role in the civil movement portray Jews as enemy of blacks.

    Naturally poorly educated woman, who does not visit this board, and does not know that Muslim spies post this question every 3 months, would not support Israel.

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    number 2 worships the state of israel and and has more loyalty towards jewish israelis then they do towards arab americans.

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