I like my residence supervisor. Should I ask him out? (He’s only 1 year older than me)?

I’ve liked this guy for a few months now. He works on my floor as a Residence supervisor (aka. His job is to help us if we need anything, make sure everyone is alive, etc.) We get along really well, he’s my type, and super cute!

I’d like to get to know him even more but part of me wonders of its inappropriate because he’s technically in a position of superiority. Is it inappropriate to pursue him? Should I initiate anything? If so, what do I do? Thanks :)

Ps. I am a 1st year university student and he is a 2nd year (so only 1 year older than me).

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    2 years ago
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    I don't think there is anything wrong with pursuing this guy. I mean its not as if he can give you that much preferential treatment. What I think you should do is to start giving this guy little hints that you are interested. A good starting point is to send warm and inviting vibes to this guy by smiling and waving at him whenever you see him. Another good idea is to make small talk whenever you run into him and ask him questions that will get them reveal their personality. That approach is really attractive as it shows that you are interested in listening to what they have to say and learning about them - a very admirable quality. I really hope this helps :)

    Source(s): Do you have an opportunity to talk to this guy on a regular basis? How does he act around you at the moment? Is he friendly?
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