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how did ROSA PARKS impact black people / society?

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    Rosa Parks became a symbol of segregation and the struggle against it. It was no accident, either, but an orchestrated event just like the sit-ins at whites-only diners. She played an important role in the Montgomery Bus Boycott, a non-violent protest against segregation on public transit.

    Segregation was not confined to southern states as many younger people tend to believe. In New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and other northern states like Michigan, there were businesses that refused to serve blacks and there were segregated water fountains and bathrooms. A black person couldn't swim in a "whites only" pool.

    The struggle against segregation was strongest where the racism was most prevalent, such as Rosa Parks' bus ride in Montgomery Alabama. A black person could get arrested in places like this and simply vanish.

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    Oh come on. Don't you know what she did? Can't you see how it showed it was possible for a black person to sit where they wanted? Didn't she inspire lots more people to stop being afraid?

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    No one gets caught in an imp-act.

    Ask Jerome West, he skipped town in slick shoes apparently.

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