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Would the Christian Community be Against Scientists Proving Telepathy Communication Is Within Reach?

This from article 2014 explains that scientists will be able to tap into the part of the brain to induce our psychic abilities..... Will this turn out to be a God given blessing?. In the future we will no longer need our phones to call friends and relatives. My question is; What will the Church think of this new human ability, once it's ability is in full functional mode?


@Mayflour, The only way it can be stopped is for God to remove science and human intelligence. And that will never happen, God would never remove the human ability to learn.

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    I don't think many Christians are against legitimate science. But the title of the article is unscientific and misleading.

    Any time you see the word "prove" in a scientific article, you know the person is not trained in the scientific method. Prove is an absolutist term. Science employs critical reasoning - which makes no logical provision for absolutes.

    The research described in the article has nothing to do with actual "telepathy". It uses technological intermediaries between the communicating brains (so at the basic level, is really not very different in function to a phone).

    So there will be no "new human ability" for us to assess - just a novel communications technology.

    Nevertheless, if the human brain does have an, as yet, untapped capacity for "psychic abilities" - they were put their by our Creator.

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  • That article says absolutely NOTHING about what is considered telepathy, that is, one person reading without any kind of assistance another person's mind.

    The article clearly states that the inter-person communication was accomplished by sensors placed on one person's head and impulses received by the sensors were transmitted to a receptor device on another person's head, which that person was able to perceive.

    That is what science has "proved."

    The article did not go any further than that. As it said:

    "Still, telepathic communication that works like a sort of futuristic walkie-talkie will involve major advances in sensing, emitting and receiving technologies—and perhaps even a slight retraining of the human brain."

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    As long as scientific endeavor adheres to (well-established) scientific moral principles

    I have no problem with it.

    "The Christian Community" is not unified regarding such matters. Neither the Bible nor traditional Christian teaching condemns telepathy. Naturally, some members of "the Christian Community" would associate telepathy with witchcraft or more generally with Satanic character...but that is not typical of Christians or Christianity.

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  • Read an article by clowns, telepathy is already in progress, through people medianiche esoteric, psychic, they are able to read the human thought through help of spirits of demons!

    Therefore, the alleged science has no power to what you have said! Therefore, the Christian community, if you referred to Christianity, says what I, I told you!!

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    Having read the article, this isn't anything close to 'telepathic communication being in reach', it's simply a way for a human brain to crudely operate a (limited) machine that handles the communication work, there's no hint that they think they can 'unlock' psychic abilities.

    Since the machine is 'reading' the motor cortex (not a part of the brain typically involved with 'thoughts') and sending an electronic signal to that makes the receiver 'see' flashes of light (by stimulating the visual cortex), this method isn't even close to telepathy. As the whole process took more than an hour to say 'hello' (in binary code), it's even less efficient or practical than using telegraphy, as the person had to move their hands or feet ('0' or '1') for the machine to detect and that's not practical if you are doing anything other than sitting down.

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    YHWH God will prevent this from happening

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    well we have such thing as spiritual gifts in christianity so maybe this is a pre initiation to it

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