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Is Abraham's bosom heaven? If so, why didn't Jesus see him there? And, which would you prefer, the house of Jesus' father to Abraham's bosom?

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    Is Abraham's bosom heaven? = NO !

    Jesus didn't see him there because it does NOT EXIST

    Abraham's bosom is a figure of speach that Jesus used in a parable

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    Paradise is really levels of anywhere from Abraham's Bosom all the way up to being able to handle Jesus' presence all of the time . But Jesus is asking everyone to pray that the Kingdom of God finally comes down on earth ( which it finally did on 2/22/1981 when Daniel 2's 10 EU nations existed , as well as when Rev. 12's 3rd notable Bethlehem Star Event took place in Virgo , while the moon was at her feet . But just as the Jews wouldn't believe that Jesus set up his Spiritual Kingdom when he was baptized neither do the Christians believe that God is here and His Kingdom has been set up .

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    Abraham's bosom is Paradise, not heaven. Jesus saw Abraham in Paradise, even though the gospels don't write about it.

    The house of Jesus' father and God is the third heaven. I would much rather be there, but that has to wait until after the resurrections and final judgment.

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    Paul wanted "... to depart and be with Christ, which is far better." No mention of Abraham because Abraham was part of the old economy. The old economy was about "Moses and the prophets", Luke 16:29. When Abraham himself explained it to the "rich man".

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    Abraham's Bosom was a temporary holding area for just souls from Old Testament times, faithfully awaiting their redemption in Jesus Christ. Jesus conducted those souls to heaven while his human body lay dead in the tomb, prior to his resurrection. Today, the place is known as Purgatory. It will be emptied out and cease to exist, at the end of the present age, when Jesus returns to judge the living and the dead.

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    I much prefer Mary's bosom.

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    Abraham's bosom is next to a certain man who lived a long time ago.

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    Abraham bossom is a temporary cell for righteous who died before Jesus opened Heaven.

    Edit: being squeaky cleansed in Abraham's blossom then to heaven.

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    You spelled Witch wrong . Witch bosom would I prefer .

    The hot Witch .

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