What do you make of Real Madrid this season?

Well, Madrid clearly outplayed Barca but they simply do not have anyone to finish their chances. Vinicius is the best attacking player for Real Madrid, and at only 18 years old, it's a disgrace. How in the world they thought someone was not bought to try and fill the gap of a non Ronaldo team is beyond me. Pérez love to spend money on big player when not needed but when we despretly needed a goal scorer, he decided to do nothing.

Benzima should have been let go when Higuain left, Bale simply provides no output most games. Solari is not fit to be at the helm by any means. Isco is a great player, and because the manager does not like him personally, he never plays him, and randomly decided to finally put him in today.

Messi is majestic as always and he did not even have a good game by his standards. Everyone in Barca can score a goal, such a threatening side. Ter stegen is the best keeper in the world, Dembele is always a great outlet, this could be their year for another treble.

BQ: Should Coutinho leave Barca? He is a bench player at Barca now.

QQ: Are Barca favorites for the CL?

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    It's a result of horrendous transfer policy yet again, we saw it before when they let Di Maria go and got James Rodriguez, a clearly inferior player. To not replace Ronaldo who was an absolute unstoppable goal machine was incredibly short sighted and naive. Vincius Junior is a good young player but it's far too much pressure on him to replace Ronaldo's goals and he looks out of his depth in big games. Bale is hot and cold and will have a really good game and then an awful one. Benzema just isn't a main star and he can't carry a team to a result like Ronaldo could.

    It's been frustrating because with a world class goalscorer we would be nowhere near as bad as we are, we're playing well against Barcelona but the difference is they have Messi & Suarez who nick goals and create space. There needs to be serious investment this summer in attack but also to start to plan replacements for aging players like Modric & Ramos.

    BQ: Yes Coutinho has failed at Barcelona, his record in big games was always questionable at Liverpool and considering what he cost them it's amazing he's confined to the bench already.

    QC: No I don't think so, Barcelona have shown a lot of vulnerabilities in the CL in the past few seasons, they're no longer a safe bet and can be upset by teams like Roma and Atletico. I think their defence will have a lot of trouble against a team with world class finishers that can break well.

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    They have gone off because of people either leaving or retiring

  • 2 years ago

    Losing CR was a tragedy, but it's not as bad as people make out, Barca were obviously gonna win LL since about November so there's no point worrying about that now. Bad season but STILL already in the CL quarter finals, teams are weak this season we have a great chance to win a fourth in a row.

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    2 years ago

    It was an enjoyable game. I felt RM lacked a cutting edge and played into Barca's hands, who were often happy to play on the counter which is something they've been doing more of under Valverde.

    Vinicius is a very good young talent, but yeah, he can't replace the productivity Ronaldo had being so young. He's still pretty raw but you can see the talent there, just needs better decision making and some composure when shooting.

    Like you say Messi had a class game by most players's standards but by his own was average. I agree fully about Ter Stegen, and yeah Dembele is one of the best young players in the world.

    BQ: I think Valverde is ruining him tbh, he doesn't seem to like him much as a player and it's a shame. I wouldn't write him off though, he might come back into the team next season.

    QC: I wouldn't say so, no. I would say they have a strong chance but no more so than the likes of PSG, Atletico, Man City and Liverpool/Bayern.

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    2 years ago

    I would sell the club to barca's owner

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