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Would it be cheaper to make my own dog food?

I am very stressed about dog food. I was feeding raw, my dog with a bowel disease thrived, my other dog did not.

Food I have to avoid is:





Too much chicken (can feed, cant feed as only protein)

My one dog, couldnt hold weight on the raw diet, even eating 2 pounds and it would have been too pricey to feed her 4-6 pounds, my other dog two pounds, and two pounds between my two cats.

Ive talked to my vet, and this dog requires a high calorie count. She is a very active, busy dog. My dog with the bowel condition doesnt need nearly as much.

I have switched to kiddle to see if that would help her and keep weight on, but she is needing too much. I first tried Taste of the Wild, my high calorie dog got VERY sick on it. On Acana, the bag only lasted us 18 days, and I am feeding Zignature right now, at $80+++ a bag and not keeping a ton of weight on my high calorie dog.

Because of all of those sensitivities, I have trouble getting them on a good food.

I have a crock pot, and with that I could potentially cook (bone becomes blendable in a crock pot, I make stew for my cats), and add sweet potato, and some other okay filler to help her keep weight on while knowing whats in her food.

Does anyone make crock pot dog food?

How much does it cost you, roughly a month?

How much would a 55 pound dog need to eat per day? I believe she needs 1300-1400 calories a day, my bowel disease dog only needs 1100-1200

I am open to talking to my vet, but I would rather


make sure my food is balanced.

At the grocery store I have access to a ground beef/pork, chicken legs and quarters, mackerel, chicken hearts, chicken liver, beef liver, ground chicken, duck (pricey)

Then sweet potato, kale (for vitamin K), and other things I could mix in. I am so sick of things not going well.

Update 2:

My dog with the bowel disease transitions fine if I avoid his triggers.

Update 3:

I fed mackerel every meal, and shes turning 2.

Update 4:

Holy crap.

Ive fed balanced RAW, I am looking into cooking, I am feeding ZIGNATURE. I have gone through ZIG and ACANA depending on what my dogs need. Id rather cook myself, as I control what they ingest.


I have been raising/training dogs for years. I do dog training.

Update 5:

For those who are confused, I got someones answer deleted by yahoo. I had someone making crazy accusations.

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    If you are feeding meat from the store, you do not necessarily need to cook that. I think it was discussed that briefly freezing it, before use would kill virtually all pathogens if you wished to feed raw.

    Fatty fish esp canned mackerel has a very high calorie content per can (about 900 calories per 14 -15 oz can). If you dog who has trouble holding ti weight could be fed more of that, I think it would be helpful. I had to feed a very allergic dog an almost all mackerel protein diet, with cooked sweet potato (carb source) and either cooked or pureed green leafy veggies. Periodically I did add some calcium (in the form of powered bone meal from my vitamin store) as I was not sure she got enough from just what was in the fish parts.

    Keep you feelers out for friends who are hunters who have any parts they may not want, but are willing to give you from deer kills, etc. or keep your ears open, esp around farmers markets for people who raise rabbits. Rabbit & whole carcasses have become a new hot meat for raw dog diets. My vet now chooses to feed this protein to her dogs & cats.

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    Cooking meals is only cheaper if you have a freezer and you buy meat on clearanced, take scraps from a butcher/hunter, etc. Paying full price at the store for ingredients wont be cheaper than dog food.

    Have you tried Natural Balance? They have limited ingredient diets.

    You may also have to feed your dogs separate brands of food. They clearly both have vastly different dietary needs. Your bowel disease dog may need something more expensive, but if your high calorie dog does better on something cheaper, that will cut your feed costs. Do scheduled meal time and feed them in their crates or in separate rooms.. Any food not eaten within a reasonable time goes up. When it comes to food, dogs can catch on to the new routine pretty quickly.

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      Natural balance is owned by smuckers, who keeps having toxic pet food recalls. I’m feeding Zignature right now. I do have a large freezer I could store in, yes I feed in crates. No food is left down.

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    Making your own dog food is typically not cheaper if you are doing it correctly because you aren't just feeding the dog table scraps, as you know. It sounds like your dogs are having a lot of issues with the diet, and the only solution at this point is to talk to a board certified veterinary nutritionist. Call a veterinary school to find one or to get a list of them in your area. Some schools may not have one. These vets have received specialized training in nutrition for several years beyond veterinary school and they can help a lot in situations like this and make sure that the diets contain the right numbers of calories and are balanced. Your regular vet can help but may not be able to in this situation because it sounds like you've already tried a lot.

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    Not really.

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      You'e saying itd cost me more then the $90 or so it costs now?

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    Try calling a nutritionist at one of the teaching university's, I called University of Minnesota small animal hospital and got one of the specialist vets to research a diet for one of my dogs we couldn't get weight on and looked like living skeleton. Just a suggestion.

    I know I formulated the food towers what you would feed a growing pup rather than a regular adult diet, different proteins, no

    Reservitives. Used fresh meat and fresh vegetables, only needed one supplement which usually cooked out of the foods but was cheeper than trying to feed six to eight cups of dog food and two cans daily just. To try and maintain. We found the dog couldn't have corn, wheat, barley amongst several other ingredients. Unfortunately there's no one recipe, it's still trial and error but you will need to cook a high calorie food so your dog keeps the weight on

    Of a the research I did and everything I read nothing covered cooking fir growingpups, never would have thought if it on my own but makes sense, pregnant and lactating dogs and dogs recovering from major traumas and illness need a higher caloric diet rather than a higher volume.

    Good luck.

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      Are you stupid? Jesus Christ your accusations go far. I told you that I’m not going to kiss a vest @$$ like you are. A vet is NOT a nutritionist.

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    I hear a lot of people do that. Personally my dachshunds eat what I eat and they are healthy and go to the vet regularly. My oldest is 16 and weighs 12 pounds and she has never had dog food in her life.

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