What are the types of hydraulic pumps?

2 Answers

  • 2 years ago

    Hydraulic pumps are mainly categorized into three types gear pump, vane pump and piston pump. Again the catergories are subdivided. Hydraulic gear pumps are into external gear pumps, internal gear pumps, screw pumps, and ring pump. The types of hydraulic vane pump includes sliding vane (left), flexible vane, swinging vane, rolling vane, and external vane.

    Hydraulic piston pump are subdivided into two, they are axial-piston pumps and radial piston pumps

  • 2 years ago

    Hydraulic pumps can be hydrostatic or hydrodynamic. Hydrostatic pumps are positive displacement pumps. hydrodynamic pumps can be fixed displacement pumps or variable displacement pumps.

    Positive displacement-peristaltic

    Fixed displacement- gear, screw, rotary vane,bent-axis, axial-piston

    Variable displacement-rotary vane, bent-axis, axial-piston, radial-piston

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