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Is my boyfriend lying? (Prefer guy’s advice)?

I think sometimes my boyfriend tells me he’s sleeping but then really goes out to party. This worries me because if he was just going out doing nothing wrong then he would tell me, but because he lies about it makes me think that he must be upto no good. Ive known him for a year and I know once he’s sleeping he’s out cold and won’t wakeup throughout the night. If his phone keeps ringing, if someone is talking loud, if someone rings the doorbell—he won’t wake up and he sleeps through the night. However, sometimes he’ll call it a night early (usually on the days I can’t see him due to work or some other reason) but I see him active on Facebook and/or Instagram, on Instagram he’ll follow girls (that he’s meeting maybe?). And all of this when he’s “sleeping” supposedly happens around the same time—2 am, 3 am, after club hours. I’ve asked him about this and he said he wakes up in his sleep and goes on his phone but I know this isn’t true because I sleepover 4-5 nights a week and he never ever wakes up in the night to check his phone, even if someone keeps calling. I’m really suspicious and don’t know how to confirm or get rid of my suspicions. Anyone have advice please don’t say the generic “you either trust him or you don’t” because I do trust him but I don’t want to be naive.

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    Good evening...

    I don't think you fully trust him since you have a hard time believing his words ... and i understand why you would have a hard time believing him... based on what you said, it's indeed hard to believe his words..Now maybe there's the possibility that he has a hard time falling asleep when you aren't next to him...There's also the possibility that he is indeed partying but he isn't doing anything wrong at those parties but he doesn't want to tell you about it because maybe he thinks you would feel sad about him going to parties without you..Now if you're suspicious then maybe you could try calling him at say 1 am from a phone number that he isn't familiar with... but don't use a private number... he won't fall for that... and if he doesn't pick up maybe that indeed proves that he is in bed... and if he picks up you can check for any music or noise in the background ..

    I wish you the best.

    God bless you

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    So you think he is both partying AND on Facebook or Instagram in the middle of the night? That's really not likely. Thing about it- he's at a club, where he's meeting women, and he stops in the middle to go on social media and follow someone? That doesn't make sense. Who are these women he's following on Instagram?- That's what I'd be asking myself.

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    Lots of red flags from that guy. Just following girls on Instagram would be enough to turn me off if I was in your shoes. Why is he entertaining other women when he has you? You're simply not enough for him. But don't worry you're enough for someone out there so keep looking because this is definitely not where you belong.

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