Should I tell him I like him?

I’ve liked this guy for 3 months now. He works on my university floor as a supervisor (aka. His job is to help us if we need anything, make sure everyone is alive, etc.) We get along really well, he’s my type (a little shy) but super cute! So far, we’ve watched a movie alone together and went for lunch together at the cafeteria but he did seem a little worried the other supervisors would see him. We also talk to each other every day and I’m always the one to end the conversation. We just get along very well! :) I’d like to hang out with him even more but he’s not allowed to date students on his floor. So for now, I’ve just been super friendly and invite him to things. What should I do in this situation? Would it be weird to ask him to hang out more alone? How should I act around him? Anything helps, thanks.

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  • 2 years ago
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    Seduce him in subtle ways. Practice a sultry smile biting the corner of your bottom lip (trust me, it's man cat-nip). He's the floor supervisor: that's perfect! What happens if a giant (spider/mouse/cockroach etc.) Happens to be on the loose in your room?! What if you went down the hall to the washrooms or to get something to eat and got locked out of your room? Maybe your light burns out and it's late, but you have to study, and you need to find a replacement bulb? Use your imagination! Get him into the room to help fix whatever it is that falls under his job duties. Do it wearing adorable p.j.'s (not slutty ones - cute shorts and a tank top or a cotton baby doll nightie). Thank him with a giant smile, give his bicep a squeeze with both hands while you do this on his way out. That's all the groundwork you need to lay. He'll make the next move.

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    2 years ago

    real talk.... you should probably stop, since it’s illegal (I think) to be intimate with a person in a position of power

    Also, you don’t wanna be the girl who banged the RA do ya???

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