What should l do?

I found that someone has been using my Microsoft account to send lots of junk mail and my account has therefore been suspended. l don't have a phone so l can't do the phone thing it asks me to do. This means I'm locked out of my account until I'm 16 when l get my first phone (this July). l had my email address hooked up to the account via Mail and this email was detected as a spam one although I barely used it. l don't want to hook my new email address to Mail unless I know Mail and my Microsoft account are completely hacker-free. What should l do? I'm not really desperate, but it'll be convenient to have the notifications when someone emails me. I can't make a new account because it wont let me.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    2 years ago

    If you don't have the phone anymore then you'll need to just forget about that email account and create a new account. The only way to make sure your account is hacker free is to choose a good password and never share it with anyone.

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