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I am a Christer driving a Chrystler. That's the name of my new Christian rap song?


No. I was being random, Anon. I meant rap song. That's just your twisted misinterpretation of my random essentially meaningless post/question.

Update 2:

Everard calls people Christers. Christer sort of rhymes with Chrystler.

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    Christers in Chryslers picnic with

    Wiccans in wagons as they wave to the

    Jains in planes. The

    Jews in shoes observe the Shabbat, whereas the

    infidels in Infinities sing songs with the

    Shintos in Pintos

  • 8 months ago

    Not as good as Klaatu's - Anus Of Uranus

    Youtube thumbnail


  • and we all know what the "L" stands for.

  • Cowboy
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    8 months ago

    that's it for Sunday.

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  • Anonymous
    8 months ago

    And so what's your question Sparky?

    You are actually a delusional, driving a Delorean.

    And don't you mean rape song? I mean being that many christians are known to rape children.

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