Three World War 2 fighter aircraft questions:?

1. of all the American single seaters of ww2, was there 1 single seater that could have done as well or close as well as all the other single seaters?

2. why did fighter aces in ww2 have much higher kills than in ww1? was it because the planes where better or was it because the pilots where better?

and 3. how much easier would it be for a ww2 fighter plane to land and take off on modern aircraft carriers?


Would it be possible for a b17 to land and take off on modern aircraft carriers or is it still very difficult?

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    1. All aircraft designs are compromises depending on what you want to do with it. The best all-round single seater US design was probably the P47. It lacked the long range of the more glamourous P51 but apart from that, was a much better gun platform. Unfortunately for the P47 the USAAF favoured the P51 because they needed a fighter to escort the bombers all the way to Germany.

    2. Fighter aces in WW2 scored about the same number of kills as in WW1 if you discount the Germans. For example only six US pilots beat WW1 ace Eddie Rickenbackers score of 26, though a few more matched him. The top WW1 British/Commonwealth ace scored around twice as many kills than his WW2 counterpart (Billy Bishop (CAN) @ 72 kills vs "Pat" Pattle @ 40 kills

    3. A WW2 carrier aircraft should be able to take-off and land easily on a modern flat-top as they have a lower take-off/landing speed than heavy jets. A B17.. without arrestor hooks and that wingspan, I wouldn't want to try it..

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    WWII learned from WWI. Arms were much much better in WWII. WWI They shot a 30 cal timed by a chain to miss the prop. WWII the P51 used 6 50 cals

    Sure. The carriers of today are much bigger, longerndecks, than WWII carriers. They may have to adjust the launch system. But today's carriers may be long enough for a WWII era to just fly off.

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