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I think I am HIV positive!!?

Hello, so for 5 days now I have had a fever and flu like synpstons accompanied by a horse like cough sore throat body aches, yellow discharge, tichiness, and burning while I pee etc. I am scared for my life. This may sound gross but this is my reality. I had unprotected sex almost 2 weeks ago with my ex (daughter father) and I know it was stupid but I truly felt I would be fine. I have been to the doctor about 4 times.. my level of white blood cells in my urine were very high and ketones were high due to poor diet since I have been sick and I’m dehydrated. The doctor stated I have a UTI which I am taking antibiotics for but my symptoms are not going away I am losing my mind and cannot stop crying. Before the symptoms were 24/7 but now they’re mild during the day and horrible at time. I wake up from my sleep with the migraines. I am so depressed. I know I haven’t gotten the test results back yet but if anyone that has hiv or knows about it, can give me advice, their opinion I would appreciate it. I just did a **** ton of blood work today to test for everything more serious.. like incurable stuff. Rules out Chlamydia and gonorrhoea. Ugh. It take about 12 days for test results. But I was also wondering if I were to just go to the hospital are they able to tell me that day? Also if I am positive for something pray to god I am not. How do I figure out if my daughters dad had it and didn’t tell me? Is there a database kept with this info?

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  • First - what ******* weird place takes 12 days for a test result? Go to the drugstore and buy OraQuick.

    Second - skip the test - it's not HIV. Those potential "flu-like symptoms" you think you had wouldn't start prior to two weeks after exposure and usually happen closer to 4 or more weeks.

    Stop worrying.

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  • Tavy
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    No database, no the hospital won't tell you on the day, swabs have to be cultured.

    You have a normal water infection and either the flu or a virus.

    You are also on a guilt trip from having sex with your ex.

    Try to get it into perspective.

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  • Karma lol

  • kelvin
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    1 year ago

    your worried and stressed over something you don't even have as you don't have HIV

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