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can drinking lots of bad contaminated water make you feel exhausted and fatigued out?

Lattley someone from my moms work said dont drink tap water its bad contaminated. My mom asked how she know she said the city said this by sending some paper on front door. today she said the city passed and fixed the tap water is finr. My gf shes home all day during those days because of study and she never saw the city pass by. latley I feel fatgued out something tells me tap water never good like use to be or will never be good just worst due to political scam and so on. Should I buy imported bottle waters? non ozinated fresh water from alpes or underground?

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    Only if you get explosive diarrhea.

    It isn't going to do anything such as make you feel tired.

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    It cant be good. Therefore It is very bad for you. People in PR died from filthy water.

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